Reunion Island – Africa’s best kept secret


‘Offbeat’ travel has been a popular tag in the recent past. But when it actually came to exploring a whole new destination, which we knew nothing about, it was a beautiful curiosity inducing experience! As we share this little memory from our visit to Reunion Island, we hope you’ll be inspired to travel to this island which is Africa’s best kept secret

Reunion Island-Africa

Reunion Island is probably the closest we’ve gotten to ‘paradise’. Why? Reunion, just a tad bigger than neighboring Mauritius is extremely diverse. One moment you could be waking up in a beautiful village, hiking through serene cloud forests, driving down to the pristine turquoise beach, climbing up an active volcano, rappelling down small waterfalls and rapids – all in a couple of days on ONE island!

We spent a week here, in mid-August, one of the best seasons to visit the Southern Hemisphere. Starting with an overnight stay at Hellbourg, we quickly realized why the village is regarded the most beautiful in French Africa. Oh, those bright yellow, orange and teal walls! And then came those surreal valleys and incredible forests where you can safely camp for free!

Reunion Island- Africa
Reunion Island- Africa

And if that wasn’t beautiful enough, it was the beaches – so beautiful and safe – clear turquoise water and white sand beaches where the sun would make the gentle waves shimmer in gold! Right by the beaches, were small shacks and cafés serving delectable Creole cuisine – a vibrant medley of African, Indian and French cultures.

Reunion Island Africa

If you’re still not convinced about visiting Reunion island, then check this out

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