Who are we

The Exploring Eyes
Have you ever wondered how is the world outside the city we live in? 
Have you ever wondered what is life outside our laptops? 
What motivates us to wander out in search of solace, what is it that brings us peace, what is it that touches our soul. 
Two different personalities, such elementary thoughts, one reason to connect – The World that we’ve got to see! 
We are Rupali & Arka – A travel couple on a quest to explore, experience & evolve as we travel the world together. 
Both of us have full time jobs. Rupali is in Finance & Arka is in consulting. We work to Travel, save and Repeat. He has a deep interest in History & Wildlife and she has a thing for snow & landscapes. 
We met through our parents, connected over Travel and decided to say ‘yes’ over ‘The Exploring Eyes’ !!
Explore the world through our eyes as we sleep under the sky full of stars, as we dive in the deepest oceans, as we fall from above, as we climb mighty mountains, as we go back in History, as we tease our taste buds with local delicacies, as we run along kangaroos, as we backpack through diverse cultures, as we feel the rush in our veins. Cause when we set out to Explore, we learn who we are, what breaks us free, Cause when we touch the world, we change ours forever!!
Roopkund Trek


The Traveler – His is a different world all together. You name a travel place and he will have 5 points to put forward. That’s how much he loves the world. You’ll find him playing with the globe whenever he is free. Places that are offbeat and less explored, places that offer world’s wildest and craziest experiences are his go to places. To him, travel is his oxygen!


The Explorer – It was one Ladakh trip that changed her perception of Travel! The moment she felt her first snow, she was never the same again. That one trip where she promised herself that no matter what, she will live every moment, cherish every opportunity and travel to set her soul free! An ardent writer, full time chatter box on an adventurous journey to become a better human being. To her, Travel is way of living!