8 Best things to do in Malmo


Just across an awesome bridge that runs under the ocean, Copenhagen’s neighboring coastal town of Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden. 

A city that has its own charm. For anyone visiting Copenhagen with an extra day in hand, a day trip to Malmo is the best use of time. Let us walk you through the some best things to do in Malmo for a day’s visit !!

Best Things to do in Malmo

How to reach Malmo

Just about 40kms from Copenhagen, Malmo can be reached both via train and by bus. The latter being the most economical option while the former being the most frequent one. Read 10 best things to do in Copenhagen : why it is special for us

Trains run daily and frequently from Copenhagen central station to Malmo Central and takes about 40mins to reach Malmo Central. There are many busses as well that start from Copenhagen central and drops you off at Malmo central and takes about 40 – 50mins to reach. Both the roadways and railways run across the famous Oresund bridge. The one that runs under the ocean before opening into Sweden.

Oresund Bridge
Oresund Bridge...Yes, you will cross this

How did we reach Malmo?

We took the bus and travelled with FLIX Bus. They are one of the most recommended bus service providers in entire Europe. It took us about 40mins to reach Malmo.

Flix Bus, Copenhagen to Malmo

#TEE Tip: Be ready with your passports as there would be ID checks since you’re crossing borders. Our passports were checked in the bus only once we crossed the borders before entering Sweden. A Swedish official entered the bus and checked everyone’s ID. This took around 20mins and the bus dropped us at Malmo Central station in another 10mins. The total travel time including the border check was therefore 1 hour 5mins.

Best things to do in Malmo in a day

1. Malmo Central station

Whether you take the train or the bus – You will be dropped at the Malmo Central station itself. Take a lavish stroll around this place as it is a beauty in itself. Functional since 1856, the main building gives an amazing vintage vibe

Best Things to do in Malmo
Best Things to do in Malmo
Best Things to do in Malmo

2. Stortorget

One of the oldest market place in the town. This market square will surely take you back in time with huge old red buildings, vintage shops, offices with estd stamps dating back to the 1500s. A walk in the square feels like a walk in time. The place is quite active today as well and the city hosts a lot of major events here every now and then. Undoubtedly one of the best things to do while in Malmo.


3. Malmohus

One of the oldest castles in Scandinavia, Malmo castle is a landmark. It houses a museum showcasing the rich history of the Swedish and Danish reign. The museum is open daily from 10am – 5pm and remains closed during public holidays. Double check the timing during the holiday season. After exploring the museum, walk through the Kungsparken – also known as the King’s park. It is a beautiful garden with fountains and ponds and windmills.

4. Ribersborg Beach

Not very far from the Malmohus is the Ribersborg beach. Grab your lunch here at a nearby restaurant and sit and enjoy the view. One can spot the Oresund bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark from here. The turning Torso is also visible form the beach.

5. Saint Peter’s Church

This 14thcentury church is just a block away from Stortorget. The amazing architecture and the huge walls of the church makes it an attraction. Anyone can visit the church however one is expected to be silent upon entering.

Best Things to do in Malmo

6. The Turning Torso

This 190 meters’ tall skyscraper is the tallest in Scandinavia. Although it can be seen from a lot of other places as well in Malmo, there is no public access to enter the building as it is a residential space as well as houses a number of offices.

Turning Torso, Malmo. P.C:Google

7. Malmo old cemetery

Although cemeteries are not places of tourist attractions; however this was one place that we accidentaly discovered while walking across Stortorget. We walked through this lush green garden with tall trees bent inwards making way towards the main cemetery. Ducks hopping nearby and a small fountain flowing in a distance. It was not until we saw the graves that we realised this was a cemetery.

Best Things to do in Malmo
Malmo Cemetery

8. A walk around the city

Malmo is a perfect blend of old and new. The city has a rich cultural and historic appeal. Huge red buildings from the renaissance to the modern towers , from ancient market places and walking streets to the hi tech towers, this city defines beauty. Just a walk in the alleys gives a different feel. And if you ask us, a walking tour across streets of Malmo is undoubtedly the best thing to do in Malmo

Malmo city walk
Malmo city walk

We spent around 7 hours walking around Malmo before boarding our bus at 4pm back for Copenhagen. We didn’t even realize that we walked so much exploring everything that came our way. A day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen should definitely serve your itinerary if you’re visiting Copenhagen. 



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