Let us help you plan a perfect vacation...

Save time

Let us handle the "Googling" !! We bring the best plan customised to your taste after crunching terabytes of information or based on our own experience

save money

Want to pay the 2x fees to packaged tour companies ?? We suggest don't !! Save thousands by making some clicks (bookings) recommended by us!

Don't miss out

Trust on our years of experience of DIY of all our trips. Also for places we haven't been, we have someone from our connection, who can bring out that "hidden lake "or that "must try local cafe" for you !!

Only for you

Get an itinerary fit to your budget and type of travel you love. "A foodie", "A nature lover" or "A history buff" - we can customise it just for you

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Decided on your destination? Let us do the rest of planning for you.

Drop a mail to theexploringeyes1112@gmail.com or whatsapp us on 8147383119

INR 599

Within India

INR 899

outside India


    • Package tours give you various packages to choose from, based on your budget & feasibility you select. We curate the entire trip plan for you based on your choice and budget.
    • Package tours take care of everything from bookings to activities and transport. We plan the trip for you and give all recommendations with respect to stay, food, transport and you book for yourself. Basically we do the research & planning you execute for yourself.
    • We don’t have any partnerships anywhere. End of the day, you save a lot of time and money without compromising on your experience and interests.

You! We just provide recommendations as per your interest and budget. Final choice and booking decision is yours. 

No. we will guide you with the process and checklists. So that you can DIY. Basically our time & effort, your action.

We understand, some places like Africa or South America, require a local tour provider. However, we can help you choose the perfect local tour for you depending on your requirements. 

We don’t have any partnerships with any tour provider or property. We recommend only based on our personal experience, research and reviews from people we trust. 

We have our huge community of travellers, who can help us with places we have not been to. Moreover with years of experience in planning our own travel, we know how to search, what to trust and how to consume feedbacks and reviews

Absolutely possible. We believe in curating the perfect trip for you and will help you with all changes you need till the final moment. We can always revise the plan any number of times, till you are happy and excited !!

Depends on the number of days of travel.

On an average, travel period of 3-5 days would take a week. 

Why Us ??

These guys effortlessly planned everything I needed for a perfect weekend getaway. They helped me plan a leisure trip to Coorg and all I did was take myself there. Had everything else sorted. Their stay recommendations were the best. Also they listed out some amazing hidden places to explore.
Rahul xavier
Travelled with friends