All inclusive 10 day epic Norway roadtrip from India


No, it was not supposed to be Norway. It was supposed to be somewhere else. But as the world was slowly opening with ambiguous and tedious entry guidelines; we decided to tick that place in our bucketlist which has the easiest entry guidelines.

Though not part of original plan, the choice of going back to the Nordics was undoubtedly the best decision we made in 2022. We knew we will love it specially after our time in Iceland, just before the pandemic. After we spent three unforgettable nights in arctic wonderland of Svalbard, it was time to drive through the land of midnight sun – the epic one-week roadtrip in Norway.

Brace yourself and let us teleport you to one of the most scenic countries we have ever been. Through this article you will also get a complete idea on how to plan your trip to this place.

Norway roadtrip from India
Norway roadtrip from India

Norway is all about jaw-dropping natural beauty, vibrant cities, cute villages, and a glimpse of Viking culture. With crystal clear fjords, thrilling hiking trails, misty mountains and glaciers, Norway is undoubtedly one of the most scenic destinations in Europe.

However, if you are like us who loves exploring a country in public transport and keep it within our budget, Norway may disappoint you. Beyond cities like Oslo, Bergen public transport connectivity is not dense. If you like to spend time in a cute cabin in the banks of a fjord amidst the most instagrammable landscape – getting there through public transport can be challenging.

So put the seat belt on and keep your license handy, because you are going to rent a car and embark on a roadtrip of your life. A roadtrip through Norway can come out cheaper than exploring the country in public transport. In subsequent sections we will tell you how. Also remember most of the pocket friendly stays in big cities are normally not in the downtowns. Hence coming to the downtown and seeing around can be time consuming if you depend on public transport only.

But it is worth mentioning that there are few out-worldly train routes are there in Norway like the one that connects Oslo to Bergen (a 6 hour train ride) or the one that goes through Flam village. Don’t miss these routes if for some reasons you are not doing a roadtrip.

Best time to do a Norway roadtrip from India ?

Even on the southwest coast of Bergen, the beginning of the year is very cold and dark. If you are looking for the aurora, then January or February is the time to be in Norway

March and April are the best time to travel Norway to maximize sunshine hours and snowfall at winter resorts with slushy snow on the ground. During May flowers start blooming across Norway and snow slowly start disappearing.

June, July and August are the months with the warmest temperatures and the most hours of sunshine, making for a relaxing time. This summer season is a popular time to travel to Norway. But be ready to spend some extra bucks in these high-traffic months
After school holidays in mid-September and October, Norway is sandwiched between summer and winter, when some outdoor attractions are closed due to snow and heavy winds, making things a little more affordable.

November is cold and dark, snow clouds are peaking at higher levels, and nothing is happening except the Northern Lights. In December, light snow falls, lakes freeze, and Christmas celebrations begin to light up Norway.

TEE Tip: If you are coming to Norway in winter months for seeing Northern Lights, then keep maximum time in northern Norway like Lofoten or Tromso. If you like to see the colours, want to do some epic hikes and drive through some unimaginable landscapes then we highly recommend visiting in early June. This is the best time to see the country with snows in high mountains, accessible hiking trails, mesmerized yourself in the natural beauty with less tourists and most importantly without making a deep hole in pocket.

We had seen northern lights in Iceland in 2020. Hence decided our Norway trip during first week of June. We were blessed with absolute perfect weather (though keep in mind that Norway can be finicky in terms of rains). Midnight sun was another thing we wanted to experience, and it was really intriguing to see how the sky is well lit at 11 pm as well.

For a month-wise average temperature expectation, you can refer here

Norway Roadtrip from India
Norway roadtrip from India

Car rental in Norway

After comparing multiple sites, we choose to book it from SixT car rental. We chose Corolla Station Wagon Hybrid (Automatic + Manual) as we were four folks traveling. SixT provides the best rate and the service including the car condition is top notch

You can choose a smaller car if the number of people is less. Roads in Norway are in very good condition and since the gas prices are high, a smaller car helps to keep your budget in limit.

We would highly recommend booking the car well in advance. You can pay for it while picking it up. But by booking in advance, you can save a lot. For 7 days, for our car we paid around NOK 3500 or INR 27000 in rental which was showing up to NOK 8000 or INR 64000 a week before our travel. Only add-ons you should opt for a GPS inbuilt, unlimited KMs and the insurance that suits you best. You may consider getting winter equipment in case you are doing this roadtrip between October to April.

Norway Roadtrip from India

Things to remember while driving in Norway

  1. You’ll be driving on the right-hand side of the road in Norway unlike left side driving in India. Your Indian license will work fine (just check if everything written the license is in English only) for 90 days in Norway. Hence no need for applying International License
  1. You will have to fill fuel in gas stations by yourself only. Ask a local if you need any guidance. Also note that, at gas stations, you need to first swipe your card and they will block a fixed amount (in our case it was around 1500 NOK or INR 12000). Based on how much fuel you fill in your car, the rest amount will be refunded in a day or two
  1. Try to pick up and drop the car in same location. We picked up from Oslo and dropped in Oslo only. We ensured we did a circuit and not crossed the same road twice. However, if you can afford to spend few extra bucks you can choose to have a different pick up and drop point. You will avoid some extra drive time and able to see more places
  1. We found a lot of free public toilets while driving and bay area (parking spots) on the side of the roads. So you can take a stop whenever you want. Also drink as much fresh Norwegian water as you want, it is completely safe.
  1. Ferries are absolutely essential for getting around Norway, as there are many bodies of water in Norway. Fortunately, Norwegians have built a very efficient ferry system. Ferries are also very easy to use, most ferries can be boarded directly (you can walk or drive into it with your car) and tickets can be purchased while entering the ferry or on board. Most ferry trips do not require advance reservations or ticket purchases. The ferries are comfortable with cafes, bathrooms, and padded seats. Get out of your car and head to the upper deck for some amazing views.
  1. When you road trip through Norway, you will come across many toll roads. If you’re renting a car, your car will have an AutoPass device installed that automatically tracks tolls you collect as you drive (a green plus sign appears on the road to indicate device use). Your car rental company will adjust the toll amounts from the deposit they have blocked in your card.
  1. Most streets have little traffic. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the drive as you’ll want to stop for sightseeing quite often (everything is very beautiful)!
  1. Parking is paid within many cities; you can pay for it at a parking meter or through the EasyPark app. The app works in all Norwegian cities, from the far north to the southernmost.
    It’s much easier to pay for parking using the app, so we recommend downloading the app and setting it up in advance (add payment method and car registration number). Plus, the app lets you adjust your parking time as needed instead of going back to the meter or paying in advance. Alternatively, your car rental company will adjust it against the deposit after you return the car.
  1. Finally, choose a car with GPS as you may not want to rely solely on phone navigation in remote areas. Also, there are plenty of speed-detecting cameras installed throughout the tunnels and highways. A car GPS will alert you much ahead of the camera location to adjust your speed and avoid paying penalty.
Norway roadtrip from India

Our One -week Itinerary and other possibilities:

A country like Norway with endless natural beauties and diverse options available across the country can easily became very tedious to plan. More when you have only 10 days, you need to count every day. After a lot of research, we crafted the itinerary that covers west of Norway and included things we wanted to cover.

Since we wanted to have same start and end point to avoid hefty charges from car rental – we picked our car from Oslo and dropped it in Oslo again.

Here is our very high-level day wise plan:


  Day 1: Reach Oslo

  Day 2: Oslo to Odda via Hardangervidda National Park and Låtefossen Waterfall

  Day 3: Hike Trolltunga and overnight in Odda

  Day 4: Odda to Bergen and explore Bergen

  Day 5: Bergen to Gudvangen

  Day 6: Gudvangen to Stryn via Stegastein viewpoint

  Day 7: Explore Stryn and Geirangerfjord UNESCO heritage cruise

  Day 8: Stryn to Oslo

  Day 9: Explore Oslo

  Day 10: Fly out of Oslo

Before we go in detail of each day, let us tell you Norway is huge. Accept that, in 10 days it is not possible to cover everything. Even a month may seem short for that.

However, there are many airports within Norway, hence sharing a rough idea where you should fly into if you are interested in certain specific things. This way you can reduce drive time, as the country has lot of mountains, ferries, and tunnels – it may take longer than usual to reach from one place to other even the roads are in superb condition.

Norway Roadtrip
Norway Roadtrip

A country like Norway with endless natural beauties and diverse options available across the country can easily became very tedious to plan. More when you have only 10 days, you need to count every day. After a lot of research, we crafted the itinerary that covers west of Norway and included things we wanted to cover.

Since we wanted to have same start and end point to avoid hefty charges from car rental – we picked our car from Oslo and dropped it in Oslo again.

TEE Tip:  A very rough guide of what you can choose based on your preference


  • For Norway’s cities and mountains fly into Oslo. Also most international flights first land in Oslo only.
  • For both city and fjords experience, fly into Bergen.
  • If you want to do some epic hikes like Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten, and Trolltunga – fly into Stavanger. (Though we did Trolltunga while started from Oslo and it is close to Bergen as well.)
  • If you have a thing for fjords and mountains, including Geirangerfjord, Trollstigen, and the Atlantic Road, fly into Ålesund.
  • If you want to chase aurora in the winter months head to Lofoten or fly into Tromsø or Bodø

Day 1: Fly to Oslo from Bangalore

Stay: Cochs Pensjonat . Basic and comfortable with a very good location.

Cost: NOK 1800 or around INR 14000 for a family room of 4 per night

We had Qatar Airways flight from Bangalore to Oslo via Doha. After reaching Oslo in the afternoon and post finishing our immigration, it was time to step out in another Nordic country. The vibes in this part of Europe always fill our heart with so much joy. Hence, the love-story continues from our trip to Copenhagen before pandemic

  • Strangely we have not got any functional ATM or SIM card store in Oslo Airport. There is enough self-service Kiosk and one kiosk with human from where you should get the bus or train ticket
  • We recommend you take the NSB or VY trains (green ones). You can avoid FlytoGet trains which are little overpriced since they dedicatedly operate between Oslo Lufthavn (airport) to Oslo Central
  • There is a Radisson right opposite to the airport exit. If you are coming late in Oslo or have a flight to catch next day, you can stay there. Alternatively you can check Gardermoen Hotel which is 5 km away from airport (can get a bus ticket from airport) and much easy on pocket than Radisson.
  • If you are coming to Oslo Central by VY trains (it will take 35 mins) from airport, then you can stay in the stay we mentioned above. It is a nice basic stay to spend a night in a nice surrounding of Oslo downtown.
  • Once you reach to the hotel, you can visit any nearest 7-Eleven store for grabbing a quick snack and get your sim-card. In all 7-Elevens you will get Mycall sim cards. In local grocery stores, you should get Lyca sim. Though Lyca offers little better plans, due to high accessibility of 7-Elevens across Norway, you can get the Mycall sim also.

You can keep the next day to explore Oslo, however we decided to explore the city before leaving on our last day. We wanted to start on our roadtrip as soon as possible !!

Norway roadtrip from India

Day 2: Oslo to Odda via Hardangervidda National Park and Latefossen waterfalls

Drive time: 5 hrs.’ without break. You can easily add couple of hours for breaks and stops. Odda should be your base for hiking Trolltunga the next day. (In case you are not hiking Trolltunga, you can directly move to Bergen)

Stay: Indre Stanna. Probably one of the most amazing stays we had in our entire trip and one of the costliest as well. But absolutely worth it.

Cost: NOK 3300 or INR 25300 approx. for the entire apartment.

This is the day we started early. Picked up the car from SixT and stopped at a KIWI grocery store before starting of the epic road trip. 

  • You can get Uber from your hotel to reach the SixT office or you can also get a bus. However, ask your hotel to book the taxi/uber if your sim is not activated by then
  • Once you pick up the car and all set, you should stop at either a KIWI, REMA1000 or Pris grocery store. Food prices in Norway are insanely high, hence we highly recommend to stuff grocery as most of the stays will have kitchen. This is one of the biggest savings you can do in Norway
  • All three, Kiwi, REMA1000 and Pris are budget departmental stores. We personally used REMA1000 the most
  • Once we leave Oslo city and move towards Odda, you see landscape changing dramatically. We also got some rainfall on our way. But it was absolutely a breathtaking drive through mountain roads, tunnels, fjords – “love at first sight” can’t have any better example

Hardangervidda National Park: 3 hours driving distance from Oslo, this should be your first pit stop. The Hardangervidda National Park forms the central point where the eastern region of the country meets the western and southern regions.

A huge network of hiking trails and ski routes make Hardangervidda an accessible area for hikers and skiers. July and August are the best months for hiking in Hardangervidda, and late winter is perfect for ski trips. The western plateau offers spectacular scenery, with high mountains, deep valleys and spectacular waterfalls. The broad, rolling terrain of the eastern plateau is ideal for hiking. The abundance of lakes and rivers makes the area a fisherman’s paradise.
You can take a quick 45 min stop here before moving towards Latefossen

Latefossen waterfalls:  One hour before reaching Odda town, you should encounter this magnificent double waterfall cascading into the stream from one side of the road to the other. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this region. We literally struggled to keep our camera lens dry, since it was already drizzling, we tried to our best to get a clean, comprehensive image.
This is despite standing next to the parking lot across from the bridge, a little downstream from the base of the falls!
A sign here indicates that this waterfall fell from a height of 165 meters


Odda Town: It is one of those many small and cute towns of Norway. Primarily visited as the base of Trolltunga hike. Perhaps one of the most sought-after trails in Norway

Norway roadtrip from India
View from Indre Stanna
Norway roadtrip from India
Norway roadtrip from India

Day 3: Hike the epic Trolltunga

Stay: Indre Stanna.

Today you should be ticking of one the highlights of this trip. Hiking of Trolltunga – one of the most awe-inspiring cliffs overlooking fjord in entire Norway.

Between 1st June to 31st October, you can hike by yourself while the rest of the time it must be a guided hike only.

Below are three different starting point options (P1, P2 or P3) for hiking Trolltunga where you can park your car and start the hike

Trolltunga Hike
Picture Courtesy: Visit Norway
  • We suggest you start your day as early as 7 am. You can easily drive till P2 and park your cars there. There are around 180 parking available and you should easily get one. It costs around 400 NOK per car per day
  • If you are a very good driver, you can drive up to P3. But you can drive there only if you have pre-booked the parking at P3. It has only 30 car spots. You should get all details here
  • If you park at P2, you can take shuttle bus to reach P3 and save on hiking time. Road between P2 to P3 is little treacherous with sharp curves, so venture only if you are a confident driver in this type of terrain
  • If you park your car at P1, you may not need to pay anything but the distance is too far to cover in one single day from P1

Day 4: Odda to Bergen

Drive time: Close to 3 hrs. Today you will do the first ferry crossing in Norway

Stay: Bergen Hostel Montana. A decent hostel with all functionalities and easy on pocket. This place situated 3 km from the downtown and at the foothills of Mount Ulriken (highest peak of Bergen)

Cost: NOK 1000 or INR 8500 (approx.) for a basic double room

After a tiring day of hike, take this day light. Post breakfast you can start your drive to Bergen. Enjoy the ferry crossing where you can park your car and go up the deck to see the view around. No need to buy any prior tickets, just put your car in the queue and as soon as a ferry comes (normally every 20 mins), just drive-in.

Norway roadtrip from India
Norway roadtrip from India
  • Bergen is one of the biggest cities in Norway and it is next to the ocean
  • The city is covered with 7 mountains and we recommend you to cover at least one, Mount Fløyen or Mount Ulriken
  • You can get some amazing seafoods in Bergen though it can be a bit costly
  • Walking around the narrow alleys and slopes of Bergen, you should love the views of mountain on one side and sea on the other side

Below things you can plan to see if you have only half day in Bergen

Bryggen street: The first place to visit in Bergen is the historic center of Bryggen. Bryggen is a very scenic street of historic wooden houses on the waterfront. This historic center of Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. It’s also a great starting point for exploring Bergen.
Bryggen is one of the oldest port cities in Northern Europe and has been completely restored. Sixty-two preserved wooden houses give visitors a glimpse into the world of the Hanseatic trading empire that ruled the area from the 14th to the mid-16th century.
Bryggen’s buildings have been destroyed by fire many times since its construction in 1070, but much of the old town has survived. A beautiful to walk through the streets that take you back in time.

Norway roadtrip from India

The Hanseatic Museum: The Hanseatic Museum is a beautiful old building in Bryggen. This museum represents and tells the story of the Hanseatic German merchants who worked and lived here from 1350 to 1750.
They were merchants who held an important place in Bergen’s history. Their mission was to trade cod and grain from their offices in Bergen.
From 1872, the museum had two of his merchant houses facing the sea and one of his merchant houses behind a tenement house. As you walk through this building in Bryggen, you’ll also find that the original interior has been preserved.

Mount Ulriken: The highest point in Bergen stands at 643 meters. You can take Ulriksbanen cable car which will take you to the top in 10 mins (it will cost NOK 370 or close to INR 3000 per person for a round trip). Alternatively, you can hike up and it will take 1 -1.5 hour to the top. The trail is very well laid. At the top you will have a restaurant and a telescope which offers a great panoramic view of entire Bergen

IMG 0345

Mount Floyen:  As alternative to Mount Ulriken, take a funicular to top of Mount Floyen for another breathtaking view of Bergen. The ticket costs less than the one for Ulriken. Mount Floyen is at 400-meter level and a short walk from the downtown of Bergen

Norway roadtrip from India
IMG 0407

Day 5: Bergen to Gudvangen via Stegastein Viewpoint

Drive time: Close to 3 hours till Stegastein viewpoint and 1 hour more to Gudvangen

Stay: Gudvangen Fjordtell. We highly recommend staying here for one light at least. This is a resort which is located in the shores of fjord with numerous waterfalls and mountains all around it. It is nature’s fairytale to say the least

Cost: NOK 3500 or INR 30000 for an apartment of 4 people ( no doubt the costliest stay of our entire trip, but highly worth it)

  • This drive from Bergen to Gudvangen via Stegastein viewpoint is one of the most scenic one we had in entire Norway
  • You can take stop at Voss town, which is considered as “Activity Capital” of Norway. If you have time, you can do ziplining, skydiving, rafting or a gondola ride. Else at least spend an hour to walk around this beautiful town surrounded by some breathtaking mountains and streams
  • The village of Flam will blow your mind away which you will cross while going up to the viewpoint
  • Once you reach Gudvangen Fjordtell, you can do kayaking or just walk around in the resort to appreciate nature’s abundance. We bet; you won’t see something like this in this itinerary
Norway roadtrip from India
Norway roadtrip from India

Stegastein Viewpoint: A must-see sightseeing tour for all visitors to Flåm. From Flåm, you can take a bus or drive up till Stegastein viewpoint. The road is not very wide band has bends, so we recommend you to be careful.

Once you reach the top, you can see a glass walkaway – projecting 30 meters from the mountainside and 650 meters above the fjord, the structure offers an unparalleled panorama. A more beautiful view of the fjords, mountains and surrounding countryside is hard to imagine.
It’s the perfect place to capture breathtaking views and unforgettable photos. For all the right reasons, it is one of the most photographed viewpoints in the area.

IMG 0525
Norway roadtrip from India
Gudvangen Fjordtell
Gudvangen Fjordtell
Gudvangen Fjordtell
Gudvangen Fjordtell
Gudvangen Fjordtell
Gudvangen Fjordtell

Day 6: Gudvangen to Stryn via world’s longest tunnel

Drive time: Close to 4 hours

Stay: Panorama Apartment. A very beautiful Airbnb with equally amazing hosts. This place is 10 mins drive from main Stryn town but offers amazing view of the fjord from the balcony. You can just sit there for whole day. The owner Mindaugas had come to Norway 13 years before from Lithuania right after his marriage and build this entire property all by himself (yes, I mean construction, electricity, plumbing work – all by one person !!) Overall, a lovely family and very comfortable stay

Cost: 2000 NOK or INR 16000 per night for the entire apartment which can host 4 people easily

  • The highlight of today’s drive must be Lærdal tunnel which is almost 24-kilometer-long road tunnel connecting the municipalities of Lærdal and Aurland. You will be driving through a lot of tunnels in Norway, but driving in this can be one hell of an experience
  • Stryn has some amazing hike and fjords. You can hike or take a cable car (Loen Skyloft) to top of Mt. Hoven. From the top you can enjoy the stunning view of Jostedalsbreen glacier, mountains, and fjords. You can also enjoy a delicious local meal from the cliffside restaurant at top.
Norway roadtrip from India
Stryn stay

Day 7: Explore Geirangerfjord in cruise

Drive time: Close to 3 hours

Stay: Panorama Apartment

  • Post breakfast drive to Geiranger and don’t choose the rout via Hellesylt while going to Geiranger. Choose the route via Folva. You should reach Geiranger in 2 hrs and then take the cruise with your car from there. The cruise will drop you at Hellesylt and from there you should drive back to Stryn which takes about an hour.
  • You should be able to book the cruise from here and please book it in advance
  • A 60 – min one way (Geiranger to Hellesylt) cruise you should choose
  • You can select the car package which includes one car and 5 persons. It costed us around 1400 NOK or INR 11500

A UNESCO heritage cruise on the Geirangerfjord offers views of various majestic mountains and rapid waterfalls. The boat departs from the Geiranger harbor where you can enjoy coffee and freshly baked waffles while enjoying views of the Geirangerfjord and the majestic surrounding mountains.

Look up and you’ll see a small mountain farm clinging to the cliff. An audio guide tells exciting stories about life on a mountain farm and the people who lived there.
The boat sails very close to the famous waterfalls ‘Seven Sisters’, ‘Freeze’ and ‘Bridal Veil’. Grab a place onto the deck for the best views and keep your camera nearby.

In the evening you can spend time kayaking in the fjord or exploring the Stryn town as this will be your last night before returning to Oslo and drop your car

IMG 0689

Day 8: Drive back to Oslo

Drive time: Close to 6 hours without breaks

Stay: Anker Hostel, Oslo. A very basic hostel at the heart of Oslo

Cost: 1000 NOK or INR 8000 for a couple per night

  • Post breakfast you can start your long drive back to Oslo. You need to drive the longest today (almost 500km). Hence start early.
  • If you have extra days, you can cover Alesund, Kristiansund and Atlantic roads before coming back to Oslo
  • Drop your car once you reach Oslo and have a good night sleep with a contend heart after finishing one of the most epic roadtrip in Europe

But wait, the trip is not over yet. You are yet to see the capital, Oslo

IMG 1970

Day 9: Explore Oslo

Stay: Anker Hostel, Oslo.

You can explore Oslo for a day before leaving the country

The city has lot to see. If you have only 24 hrs, you can consider covering the below places. You should get a full day ticket to tram and trains from any of the 7-Elevens

Norway roadtrip from India

Vigeland Sculpture Park : Located in Frogner Parken in the city centre. Access to the park is free. The Vigeland Park has over 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, including the Obelisk and the Wheel of Life. Another of his popular sculptures is Sinnataggen, a boy stamping his feet angrily. This statue is well known as an icon of Oslo. The park is the world’s largest single-artist sculpture park and is open year-round.

Oslo Opera House: Undoubtedly one of the most stunning buildings of Oslo. You can climb up to the sloping roof from the ground and get a great view of the Oslo Fjord.
Oslo Opera House, built of glass and Carrara marble, houses a variety of his art installations, and a great place to enjoy an Opera show in the evening. You can sit in front of the waterfront and enjoy the vibe of this place. You may find some local musicians playing some good tunes.

IMG 1929

Akershus Fortress:  This Oslo attraction is a medieval palace and fortress complex that dates to the 1290s. Akershus Fortress has worn several hats in its history and served as the seat of the Akershus county government before being incorporated into Oslo, a royal palace, prison, and prime minister’s residence.

Royal Palace and walk along Karl Johan’s street: If you start your walk from Karl Johan’s gate station, you will pass by many shops, cafes, and restaurants. At the end of Karl Johan’s Street, in your left is the Royal Palace, with two beautiful lion statues of him guarding the entrance. The Royal Palace is open to the public for guided tours only during the summer months. around the palace complex. Norwegian royal family still lives here. You must not miss the change of guards show at 1:30 pm daily. You can walk around the complex and appreciate the grand structure

Snapseed 5

Oslo City Hall :Oslo City Hall houses the city’s administration and council. City Hall took 30 years to build, including a halt to construction when World War II broke out. In 1950, the Oslo City Hall was completed in a functionalist style.
City Hall is in contrast with Oslo’s modern, minimalist Scandinavian architecture. Nevertheless, this place was named Oslo’s ‘Building of the Century’ in 2005.
City Hall is not only an administrative building, it is also the site where the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony takes place. It also has museum showcasing Norwegian arts and culture

Depends on your flight timing, you can fly out of Oslo to day 10

How much did we spend for this 10 day Norway roadtrip from India

Norway budget for 10 days roadtrip
Norway budget for 10 days roadtrip
  • Please note we have not stayed in Oslo on 9th night as we had evening flight to Amsterdam. Hence the stay cost is only considered for 8 nights. Return fare value is calculated based on what we saw a return flight would cost while booking our Bangalore to Oslo ticket
  • Due to illness, we didn’t hike to Trolltunga (our friends did), so Trolltunga parking and shuttle bus cost is not included
  • The cost of car, stay and food came out reasonable because it is divided among 4 persons

Overall, you can consider a ballpark estimate of INR1.6 lac to 1.7 lac per person for 9 nights in Oslo if you follow this itinerary.

Norway roadtrip from India

7 things to keep in mind to save money in Norway:

Hands down Norway is one of the costliest countries in the world. You can consider below suggestions to keep the cost manageable:

  1. Cook your own food and buy groceries from Kiwi or REMA 1000 stores only
  2. If cooking is not possible, next most economical option is 7-Eleven stores
  3. For airport transfer take VY trains instead of Flytoget
  4. Refill car fuels from YX or Esso stations for best rates
  5. Get your train/bus tickets from 7-Elevens
  6. Buy souvenir from local stores of Karl Johan’s gate instead of Waynor shop in Oslo
  7. Try to get Lyca sim from local stores. You will not get that in 7-Elevens
Norway roadtrip from India
The gang !!

And that’s the wrap of our 10-day epic roadtrip itinerary of Norway with all the details on cost, stay, budget hacks and our recommendations on best time and car rentals. Hope you have enjoyed the reading and it will be useful for you to plan this once in a lifetime trip all by yourself

Want us to help you plan your trip? We would love to !!  

Click here to read in details and reach out.

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