Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur – a unique experience of elegance & simplicity


“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of time”

                                                                                               – Henry David Thoreau

And 18 months of mundane city life later, it was a hesitant step out to find solace, to align our tiring mind, body, soul – and to breath green.

A new car, old friends and 350 km journey from Bangalore never felt so liberating. The drive through lush greenery post monsoon along with swaying coffee estates on both sides – Chikmagalur had already started tinkering our starving wandering senses!!

But this time it was no jumping out of bed and start hopping places with the first light of sunrise, this time it was supposed to be slow, relaxing and time taking reestablishment of connection between nature and soul.

How much successful we were in that? Please read on…

Crepe Ginger was the ideal “home” we were looking for with a perfect mix of luxury and isolation. Nestled inside 3 acres of greenery, it is a cozy homestay made with “heart” and unfurls a lot of story and compassion that has gone behind. A place which speaks to you and form an immediate connection.

Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur
Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur

And that is the time we met Suba, the lady who is behind conceptualizing this amazing set up. A Pilates instructor by herself, she has made this place conducive to practice Yoga, meditations and unearthing things within.

Rooms - much more than a bed

The four luxury and boutique style rooms which are named after spices – Cinnamon, Mustard, Pepper and Bayleaf; have their own colour tones resembling the name of the spice. Each of them is very artistically done, baring the exuberance, and made to slow down the time and cut out noises.

With things just enough to give you a comfortable sleep, wear off all your troubles, a quality me-time. There is also a very aesthetically made washroom present in each rooms. With natural light coming through the sun-roof and the décor items used inside – it breathes elegance.

The hall - where magic happens

You know, I recommend you guys walk barefoot inside the living area and feel the space”, Suba told us.

And as soon as we entered the living area, we felt the passionate touch and intricate detailing of the place. Starting from Athangudi tiles which come with medical benefits, to the simplest of sofa covers; every piece of item was telling the deepest of thoughts that has gone behind.

It makes us wonder how Suba has pulled this up all by herself without the help of any designers or engineers. A truly special lady !!

The gathering hall has made in such a way where you can easily make friends, play a game or two, create unforgettable bonds and euphoric memories.

Hall -Crepe Ginger
Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur
Hall -Crepe Ginger

For the souls looking for solace, a cane chair in front of one of the desks filled with antique things,  a cup of fresh coffee and open view to greens. With the company of pillars and pebbles, soul-searching can never ask for a better surrounding.

Hall -Crepe Ginger

Cherishing this place with perfect charm, the hall itself brightens up your stay just right. Pamper your soul and discover emotions those are long lost in the world engulfed with the pandemic.

We have spent two days sitting here, chatting up till 3 am at night, playing board games, admiring the elegant décor and antique collections with fresh and warm food to keep our stomachs busy

Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur
Game time at Crepe Ginger

It's meal time at Crepe Ginger

Talking about food, how can we not mention about this specialty of the place. Suba and her team truly understands the meaning of “having food”.

A special attention has been given in setting up the dinning room. The large table, high tools, the ever-smiling house helps, simple yet delicious meals  served in traditional banana leaves -all adds up to the uniqueness of this place.

In the world that kept us running, spending time with your close ones over a meal can actually do magic. All the more when each dish is prepared with farm-fresh ingredients, aromatic local spices and undivided attention.

Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur

In here, nature is the boss

After a sumptuous meal that  will not only fill your stomach but your soul as well, you can take a walk in the carpet of green. Walking around this huge 3 acre land will make you praise the effort it takes to maintain such a property. Actually not only maintain, but to bring this place to life.

There is also a small stream that flows through the property, you can easily walk down next to it. During summers, one can set a small camp by the stream and spend the whole day. For the outdoor activity seekers, there are provisions for badminton, volleyball, archery and few other games. So don’t miss to burn few extra calories specially in a place where you are going to be pampered heavily at dining table.

Stream nearby
Game time at Crepe Ginger

The flowing sound of the stream, chirping of different birds, fresh smell of grass , clean air from plants to sink into – your wish of spending time in nature can be fulfilled well inside the periphery of Crepe Ginger.

Places to visit outside Crepe Ginger

However if you want to venture outside and explore the nearby areas, there is no dearth of options. You can easily spend couple of days visiting to the spots like Hariharapura Hanging Bridge, Onake Abbi Falls , Kundadri Hills, Agumbe Sunset Point etc. All of that should be within 70-80 kms at the maximum. You can also take a tea plantation tour nearby.

Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur

Last few words...

If you are with us till here, then before we finish, let us tell you one must thing to try in Crepe Ginger !

Do order a homemade cake.

We ordered one as it was Rupali’s birthday, and trust us we have not tasted a cake that good in recent times.  Suba’s daughter bakes it with absolute mastery. Since we both are suckers for chocolate, we ordered a chocolate one and goodness gracious was it tasty? It was heavenly!

Hence, our first escape after almost 18 months couldn’t be more enriching, healing and revitalizing. Yet it was simple. In trying times like this, simplicity in life is not in the things tangible or in the things visible. It is in the essence and in the intention. Tucked inside the cradle of Chikmagalur, in the lap of greens, hills and streams – Crepe Ginger exhibits elegant simplicity. A place that is chalked with happiness and with blissfully-pausing moments

Crepe Ginger Chikmagalur

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